Memorial Glass

A Cremation Glass Pendant
A cremation glass pendant by Thorlak Hallett

The process of putting ashes into glass.

At Viking Glass we offer a bespoke memorial glass service meaning we are able to use ancient methods to encase human and animal ashes into memorial items made from glass.

A jellybean pendant created by putting human ashes into glass
Jelly Bean Ashes Pendant by Thorlak Hallett

The process begins by placing some ashes into a tube of glass that is sealed at one end. Next, the glass tube is heated allowing the ashes to sink into the walls of the glass tube.

Image of Thorlak Hallett Melting Ashes Into Glass
Thorlak Hallett of Viking Glass, Heating Glass Using The Lampworking Technique. (photograph by Darren Rigby)

Using an air tube attached to the open end of the glass the artist can control the pressure within the tube or even create negative pressure. With negative pressure applied, the ashes become encased within and surrounded by glass.

These encased ashes can then have colour added and be shaped into the desired piece of art or jewellery.

Ashes Marble
Pet Ashes Encased into a Glass Marble, By Thorlak Hallett

Memorial items are a wonderful way to remember your loved ones, Both human and animal cremation remains can be encased into glass to create a long lasting memory in the form of a beautiful piece of art or a keepsake.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page which is designed as an insight into the process of creating memorial glass.

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