About Us

Welcome to the Viking Glass Website, Please browse our site for information on our bespoke glass art & cremation glass all hand made by an experienced glass artist.

Marble by Thorlak Hallett
Created in 2018 by Thorlak Hallett Of Viking Glass

Viking Glass was established in early 2016 by Thorlak Hallett who needed a change in career and chose Glass Artist as his path, Specialising in bespoke borosilicate glass art and cremation glass using the lampworking technique to bring you beautiful one off art pieces as well as made to order sets of marbles and signature twisted implosion pendants.

Pendant By Thorlak Hallett
Signature Twisted Implosion Pendant

Custom art works include glass swords, shields, one off pendants, Functional glass pieces and more, feel free to contact us to discuss your custom idea and hopefully make it a reality.

Vikings inspired sword and shield pendant set
Sword And Shield Set

At Viking Glass studio we also create a range of cremation glass gifts, Human and animal cremation ashes can be lovingly and respectfully encapsulated into glass pendants, marbles and other custom glass items to be worn or displayed as a lasting memory of your loved ones. A great gift for a family member these cremation art works can be created with colour and sparkle in a way that displays the ashes of loved ones in a beautiful and unique way.

A Cremation Glass Pendant
A cremation glass pendant by Thorlak Hallett

Thank you for visiting the Viking Glass website, feel free to send us a message if you have an idea for a custom piece or would like to discuss having some cremation glass created. We have Facebook and Instagram pages where you can see the history of Viking Glass creations and view any one off items that we currently have for sale.

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